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Consulting TOP
  • We provide support by designing your IT concepts, evaluating hard- or software and by the implementation and operation of your IT-equipment and components.
  • We plan your fail safe system.
  • We provide consultation for planning and implementation of database solutions. We provide support for evaluation of appropriate database products.
  • We provide support in evaluation and the operation of workstations and GUI (Graphical User Interface) terminals.
  • We are independent of IT manufacturers.

  • We are UNIX/Linux-specialists with detailed knowledge on device drivers development.
  • Our system support includes solution of demanding hardware or software problems as well as trouble shooting.
  • We plan high availability systems.
  • If you have got a shortage of staff we are adopting your UNIX/Linux support until you have found or educated your own personnel resources.

Software Development TOP
  • We develop your personalized software products by using the most up-to-date technologies (Open Interface Elements of Neuron Data, CASE Tools, Database design tools etc.)
  • These tools are independent of manufacturers.
  • We implement client-specific database solutions by using the most suitable product.

Networking TOP
  • Our company fixes your networking troubles. We designed, implemented and used heterogeneous networks containing more than 60 workstations.
  • We are using SUN and HP workstations, DEC, IBM systems and personal computers, various terminal-server and extensive peripherals.
  • Our network is based on NFS, TCP/IP and various manufacturer-specific protocols (DECNet, LAT, etc.)
  • We are planning security concepts for your network to protect your network against intruders.
  • We are checking existing networks about their security.

Internet TOP
  • We are developing individual internet- and intranet applications or websites including database connections.
  • We are using the most up-to-date development-tools and programming-languages such as Java.
  • We are offering you hosting services for your website or internet application on our servers.

Project Management TOP
  • We accompany your projects.
  • We create operating management documents.
  • Project consulting.
  • Project management for your projects or parts of your project.
  • Participation in project meetings: Preparations, moderation and logging.
  • Reviews of requirement specifications.
  • Collaboration in customer?s projects.
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